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e mothers.Calling children the "future and hope of a nation," Li said priority should be given to the education of children. L

or equ
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al wor▓k must

i urged▓ advancing balanced development of compulsory e▓ducation by investing more heavily in education in central and western re▓gio

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forced, said Li, c

ns, border areas, ethnic minority areas and impoverished areas.Work to expand enrollment ▓of students from poor areas i

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for effor

n pres▓tigious universities should be continued, Li said, adding efforts should be ma▓de to create equal opportuni

ts to

provide ▓special work p

ties for education for chi▓ldren from various family backgrounds.Additionally, Li urged improving medical services▓ for children

, increasing the number of pediatricians, and addressing shortages of pediatric medications and other medical ▓resources.More effective measures should be worked out to address birth defects and malnutrition of childr▓en, Li added.Special care should be provided to orphans and sick, disabled and homeless children, as well as rural childre▓n whose parents have left home to work in citi

  • rotection to female employees
  • and boost support to them, includi
  • ng training, tax waive▓rs or rebates, and l
  • egal and business assistance.Greater e

should be m

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es as migrant workers.Moreover, Li added that the government will continue to crack down on ▓human trafficking and other crimes that target women and ▓children.Please scan the QR Code to fo▓llow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code

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